Tots N Us curriculum is to provide activities and experiences that validate the interests of our children, while encompassing the following aspects of development: Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language skills. The Tots N Us Curriculum framework is our guide to provide daily experiences which develop skills in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology, Social Studies and Arts.

In addition to partaking in strategic instructor focused experiences, your child will be encouraged to explore self engaging activities, and choose from various interest areas throughout the classroom. We have carefully designed activities for our children that is age appropriate. We view assessment as an ongoing process. We use our curriculum system as our technique for assessment. We observe children and transcribe notes in subjective records describing your child’s performance by taking notes, collect artwork examples, and pictures, over several months. Subsequently we gather this information and complete the assessment form by observing behaviors that best describe your child’s experiences in each of four comprehensive curriculum goals. We will then invite you to our bi-annual parent/teacher meeting to share and discuss the assessment. Parent/teacher meetings are held in February and October. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

The Infants are learning all about their world every day. Our goal is to ensure that not only are children’s basic needs being met but they are meeting developmental milestones as well. We provide a developmentally appropriate environment in which the teachers take great care to have interactions that facilitate their development in all areas (cognitive, physical, socio-emotional, and language). Much of our experiences with children in the Infant Area are rooted in providing opportunities for children to explore their environment and build trusting relationships. Teachers plan for the various areas of development on a weekly basis and post the plans in the classroom for your convenience.Toddlers are engaged with activities which focus on your child’s primary areas of development such as:
Fine Motor Skills: Toddlers’ fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movement, need to be encouraged in order for them to progress. We offer a wide variety of toddler activities (toddler games) for your child to develop his/her fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills:

We focus on the development of all gross motor skills of toddlers such as walking, running and kicking. Gross motor abilities share connections with other physical abilities.

Emotional Skills:

We assist toddlers in exploring their emotions, ranging from joy to frustration. We help them gain skills such as patience, cooperation, sharing etc., at an early stage.

Social Skills:

Children are taught important social skills such as imitating and responding to words and actions; Identifying and being able to name familiar items; engaging in conversations with the help of pictures; following simple directions and asking questions and by introducing various toddler games.

Communication Skills:

Our teachers have a deep understanding of how baby toddlers communicate. Children are taught to put their wants and needs into words. This is done through activities for toddlers, like singing, recitation of nursery rhymes, etc., to increase their vocabulary.

Cognitive Skills:

Teachers at our center encourage toddlers to investigate their environment in order to develop skills such as thinking, learning and knowledge accumulation. We strongly believe in forming trusting bonds between toddlers and their teachers. Small group sizes and a low adult-child ratio allow teachers to develop a deeper understanding of your child’s personality, likes, dislikes and developmental needs.

At this age, children are just about getting ready for school. The program at Tots N Us is designed to get them ready for school by teaching them letters, words, math, math concepts, and valuable social skills. With special focus on arts, reading, writing and STEM concepts, which are vital for school readiness skills, teachers engage kids with preschool activities and provide many hands-on opportunities for children to explore colors, shapes, planets, animals, plants, experiments etc. In our center, children also develop literary skills at an early age, children are engaged in meaningful reading and writing experiences, and they are encouraged to become readers and writers through a unique combination of child-initiated learning and teacher-guided instruction. Small group instructions, independent play in an organized atmosphere and big group preprimary activities help children gain the right social skills to hop, skip, and jump right into school. Preschoolers enjoy a structured schedule that allows for flexibility. A schedule helps the day to flow more smoothly and allows the children to anticipate upcoming events. We look forward to working closely with you and your child, to ensure a comfortable and enriching experience for all.

At Tots N Us Children’s Academy we offer high quality before and after school care for elementary school age children throughout the Fairfax area. The program is offered at the neighboring elementary schools. Our trained staff offer experienced, inspiring, and concerned supervision. Busy parents will have the peace of mind knowing their child are in safe hands. We offer homework help, arts and crafts, games, and story time are just part of the basic program.

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Tots N’ Us provides an advanced curriculum, and a multitude of advantages for your child.