POLICIES For Excellence

The relationship between families and school staff is vital to the success of a child’s early learning experience. Through the use of open communication, we believe building a teacher-parent partnership will benefit the child in making a positive connection between school and home.

More communication is always good, we believe in an open door policy and we want the families of our children to feel comfortable as well as well-informed with peace of mind. When a new family is accepted into our center, we would like ensure we can accommodate any concerns or questions that you might have. It is essential for us as a child care provider that we share similar philosophies amongst the center and the parents. We welcome your questions, feedback, or discussions that are oriented towards a positive outcome of your child. Discussions based on sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time and confidentially will be maintained at all times.

Tots N Us children’s academy will provide meals and snacks that meet the requirements for content and portion size. We will provide morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and evening snack. Children who arrive after our meal times should be fed before they arrive. Menus will be posted on the bulletin board. Copies of the menu are provided to parents upon request. We prefer that children do not bring food, drinks, etc. from home unless requested. Our meals are planned according to the USDA to meet the dietary requirements and standards for children. Only children with allergies, medical conditions, as prescribed by physician, or children with religious restrictions, are permitted to bring food from home. We provide AM snack, lunch, Afternoon snack, PM snack and unlimited milk.
Infants should be fed on demand. If parents have another feeding schedule in mind, we will need to discuss prior to admission of the child, so that the infant’s needs will be adequately met.