What makes us special

The most cherished philosophy is primarily based on our children’s safety, health, learning and laughter. The environment in our facility is structured in such a way that it is dedicated to quality care for our children and their families. The Tots N Us family addresses a child to be “Our Own Children” we assure to take care of our future children with our heart and soul dedicated to their safety as well as establish growth, learning and play time. We give importance to health and hygiene. Our goal is to thrive in an environment that is free from germs and diseases. We play an important role a child’s life to ensure these qualities are incorporated.

As a care provider we give significant importance to our children’s safety. Our qualified staff will be responsible for attaining guidelines that will ensure our children are learning and mastering play in a safe environment at all times. We participate in learning that provides a positive, secured and a caring environment. We respect our children and we understand that each child is different and is learning at their own pace. We provide opportunities to a child and develop a positive reinforcement which will lead to good behavior and help them take part in learning activities that are consistent and age appropriate.

Our children will make a difference and flourish in a positive way that will help them learn as an individual as well as understand the significance of team work. With their varied abilities our staff will incorporate a behavior of high self-esteem and will understand their needs in terms of cognitive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills. We respect our children and their families and we understand we will always keep in mind about each families’ cultural differences. We understand that each child’s needs are sensitive and adhere to their sensitivities based on discipline, active listening, learning and imagination.

Parents that are always involved in their children will strive to support our program goals and objectives. Families will work together with our staff to ensure their child receives the best care possible. Parents will be involved for their children’s welfare at the facility as well as their home to ensure together we can build a bridge of mutual trust, respect and understanding. It is vital to give importance to knowledge, development and growth as these are the skills that will empower our children and make them adults that they ought to be.

Tots N US is deeply diversified and this attribute plays an important role in our communities. Our communities hold a solid foundation and this will lead our children to understand their roots and self-worth. The Tots N US family is committed to our children and parents, we strongly encourage our clients to commit with us and watch our children grow beautifully.

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Tots N’ Us provides an advanced curriculum, and a multitude of advantages for your child.